“Othello” one sheet for Mosaic Lizard Theater

There has been some amazing design rendered in service to this work. As I was researching I came across a dozen genius poster designs that touched on the full breadth of thematic elements in designs that ran from straight forward to downright obscure. Here's a brief rundown of the source material if you're interested.

The problem then was which to choose which ones to focus on in my designs. I though the strawberry (from the embroidery of Desdemona's handkerchief) had interesting visual potential. The concept of betrayal seemed like it might suggest some interesting visual juxtapositions. There is the racial issue and of course blood for some nice color opportunities.

I did one more daring layout (considering the audience) with a design magazine vibe which was mostly just for me and a number of more classic treatments using some public domain imagery and some nice type.


The type ones all had different under-printing textures back behind the black. Some were ornate, baroque borders, others had wallpaper-like patterns, one I tangled with hand-drawn filaments and webs interlacing the letters.


The director chose a slight variation of the second one from the left. Straight forward, classic and simple.