The Fin

I'm not really the orca, dolphin, cetacean type of person . . .

I worked on this piece off and on over about 10 years before I finally considered it done. The wood was from what must have been a pretty majestic oak that I saw for the first time lying in a neighbor yard cut into pieces. I asked if there was any plan for the wood and made off with 4 or 5 nice pieces with permission.

 Like I said, I'm not really a dolphin, orca person. The piece itself had such an oblong oval shape unlike the traditional log people imagine which is much more circular. The rings have this bowshock offset concentricity that really lets you imagine one hundred years of time and gravity and the will of the oak tree working against each other, the oak striving up and gravity pulling down on it's flesh. As I started removing material, this shape just sort of kept insisting. I wasn't really that inclined to fight it. This one has the most amazing ring pattern on the bottom. 

I have another piece just like it but at about 60% the scale if anyone's interested. I could make you one in, say, 10 years? Just kidding. If I was focused and knew what I was doing, I could do it in a couple weeks. But I find time really serves the process on unique pieces like this. Getting to spend time with a piece really helps the natural form emerge organically rather than me forcing it.