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Google+ Headers for Green Dot's MoneyPak

Green Dot Corporations core business model involved financial services products for un-banked or underbanked individuals and businesses in need of non-traditional ways to handle their money that the big traditional banks don't offer. Their MoneyPak product provides a quick way to convert cash into movable money to send to family members, transfer to your PayPal account or load to your own prepaid debit card.

The target audience for this social media initiative was non-traditional small businesses, vendors, and other merchants who's business is conducted largely in cash. Their overall market tended to be heavily skewed toward minorities.

My designs (top row) for their Google+ page header featured strong, distinctive photography and a very branded, lifestyle approach with the visuals that represented the type of businesses and personas they were targeting.

The client ultimately went with a much more straight forward, content-focused approach for their Google+ header (below) : duplicate the product web sites home page.